Our on-going training allows us to offer stylists that represent different levels of technical education and experience. We welcome you to select the level that best fits your personal needs.

Master Stylist

The level of skill at their craft is high and in demand.   With extensive training and 9+ years of experience behind the salon chair, these stylists are truly knowledgable at  delivering a great hair cut and color. Usually these professionals are educators and mentors in the salon. They help inspire and guide their fellow stylist and empower their guests to look their best.


Senior Stylist

These stylists have accumulated a great amount of experience usually between 6-9 years behind the chair. They are proficient at advanced hair cutting and coloring techniques while being great hair problem solvers.Their commitment to ongoing advanced education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.


Studio Stylist

These Stylists provide excellent service and they are well versed in the knowledge of Cutting and Coloring.  While still building their professional abilities, this level typically has 3-6 years of experience behind the chair and continue their education through advanced classes.


Protege Stylist

This level of stylist has 1-3 years behind the chair.  They have an energetic outlook on developing their career. Their knowledge of hair has grown exponentially and feel confident in providing great service while staying within a good beauty budget. Continuing education is a constant in the early phase of their career.


Associate Stylist

These Stylist have been through Cosmetology school and our 12 month in-house training program. These stylist are new to the floor of Sean Rocco salon, usually up to 1-2 years of experience. They are enthusiastic and excited about building up their experience level to hone their craft. While they are confident in hair cutting and coloring, they might seek guidance along the way.



Every one of our stylist are licensed cosmetologist including assistants right out of beauty school,  we provide continuing education to develop their skills further. While doing basic assisting duties with our stylist, they are tasked to develop their communication and technical skills. A requirement is to attend our in-house training program for 12 months that takes place bi-weekly to build their technical skillset. Every assistant must complete a series technical task before becoming a stylist on the salon floor. They offer services for free on Mondays during training classes. Please call if you would like services during training.